• Apr

    10 of the best easter traditions around the world

    Easter is celebrated with joy and various different traditions around the world. Eggs are colored and eaten during the celebrations. In Europe, plastic, real or wooden eggs are beautifully colored and crafted and then for house decoration. In many countries, egg rolling races are held, egg hunts and egg-knocking games played.   But what about    […]

  • Apr
    Faster language learning in 10 minutes

    Faster Language Learning: Learn a New Language in Six Weeks

    There are a lot of long-term benefits that come with learning a new language. Multilingualism can be useful in one’s career, a forthcoming vacation, a semester abroad or a new love. For all these reasons, timing is essential. Many people want to learn as quickly as possible.   How Long Does It Take to Learn    […]

  • Mar
    brain-friendly language learning

    Brain-friendly language learning in 2 steps

    What we talk about today is no secret to language learning, however, we usually forget to use the huge potential of natural brain activities. The human brain needs enough time to store new information in the long-term-memory. Also, new synapsis and nerve paths need to be created in order to save the information as skill    […]

  • Mar
    Birkenbihl repetition for learning

    Repeat It to Keep It: Third Time’s a Charm!

    Repeating learning material is essential for retaining what you learned. Big surprise? Not really. Now, did you know that you should repeat every new topic at least three times for effective learning progress. Within 20 minutes we forget 40% of what we learned. After another 40 minutes, we forget half of it. One day later,    […]

  • Dec

    5 Exercises for Better Language Learning

    Would you like to learn a foreign language? These five exercises will boost your learning progress immediately! TIP: Most exercises require a Linguajet learning course. Fortunately, you can adjust the exercises a bit so that they fit in with other language learning material, as well.   No 1: Karaoke Exercise Listen to a text passage on loop. Highlight    […]

  • Dec
    weekly learning plan

    Your Weekly Learning Plan

    Would you like to learn a foreign language? Perhaps you already have our Linguajet language course for brain-friendly and faster language learning? This article will help you get started and effectively plan your learning exercises.   My Goals Before getting started, it’s of the utmost importance to set your learning goals. What would you like to achieve? Linguajet describes    […]

  • Jun
    Explicit vs implicit language learning

    Why studying grammar by hard is NOT the best way to learn a new language

    If accurate intuitions can be results of learning, although explicit understanding of why those intuitions are right is missing, what implications are there for education? One way to acquire a skill is to know consciously how to do every step (=explicit approach). With time, the procedure is automated. For traditional education it is typical to    […]

  • Mar
    colors work miracles

    Colors work miracles!

    Can you imagine a life without colors? Most people will answer “no”, since life is very colorful! 30.000 years ago, humans already made colors of natural resources. And at this time, colors were not at all used arbitrary, but for specific purposes. This attitude has lasted until today. Those colors easily won from natural resources    […]

  • Mar
    Learning a language at school

    Learning a language – A guide for students

    Before going into detail and providing tips for students, I would like to describe the three key elements of learning according to Perkin. Perkins´ model includes three elements that influence the way of learning. The first element is TEMPO. It reflects the speed of our neurons. This speed is inherent and individual. Somebody who has    […]

  • Feb
    abc lists birkenbihl

    Be creative! Through ABC-lists

    Vera F. Birkenbihl Learning Software developed ABC lists. This creativity and thinking tool can be applied to all areas of life. Decades ago, Elizabeth Loftus found out that people remember information by listing them according to their first letter. This is the reason, why it is easier for us to recall information by using ABC    […]