weekly learning plan

Your Weekly Learning Plan

Would you like to learn a foreign language? Perhaps you already have our Linguajet language course for brain-friendly and faster language learning? This article will help you get started and effectively plan your learning exercises.   My Goals Before getting started, it’s of the utmost importance to set your learning goals. What would you like to achieve? Linguajet describes    […]

Learning a language at school

Learning a language – A guide for students

Before going into detail and providing tips for students, I would like to describe the three key elements of learning according to Perkin. Perkins´ model includes three elements that influence the way of learning. The first element is TEMPO. It reflects the speed of our neurons. This speed is inherent and individual. Somebody who has    […]

learning more than one language

Learning more than one foreign language at a time? – No problem!

Comparing different languages with each other can be highly interesting. Similarities and differences are shown and thereby, learning more languages at a time can be easy. This is especially true for languages from the same language group. For instance, if you know English, it is quite straightforward to learn other Romance languages. Why? Because English    […]